Saturday, January 12, 2008

Urgh! A music war

I remember going to the cinema sometime in the eighties to see this film. It was comprised of  a series of gigs from music groups of the time. One after the other. Punk, post punk, new wave, electronic,... Of course many of these bands either became famous and somehow entered the mainstream of pop music or just disbanded and kept their reputation in tact. Some of these performances caught on film are absolutely stunning. The energy, the surprise, the raw beauty just held me petrified. An extra terrestrial Klaus Nomi on a small stage with two beautiful barefoot black girl dancers, Gary Newman coming on a smoke filled stage in a small electric vehicle between two illuminated synthesizer rectangle towers, a lunatic performance by Lux Interior of the Cramps with plenty of microphone munching and the list just goes on an on... Unfortunately this film never came out officially on VHS or DVD despite popular demand. Copyright issues are, one suspects, at the bottom of this. The double record soon also vanished from the shelves of the record shops never to be issued again and has been a collectible item ever since. 

See Klaus Nomi performing "Total eclipse"

See Gary Numan performing "Down in the Park"


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