Sunday, March 9, 2008

Peter Kuper’s “The System”

For Max

Rarely in comics has something so powerfull been created. Peter Kuper of course has been around for quite a while and his work has always been top notch. But in “The System” he really surpassed himself. Wordless stencil images that tell the story of urban decay, corruption and multiple ordinary lives that interact, overlap and in the décor of a metropolis such as New York, people get lost, get killed, get saved, get entangled in the city grind. Follow this imaginative trail of multiple lives and it will eventually lead you to a conclusion which is as much a product of hidden interests and coincidence as it is of choice. Nothing is simple in a city. Everything is connected with invisible threads. Whatever you say or do will eventually have a consequence somewhere or on someone. And we are all into this game without exceptions. Politicians and terrorists, strip artists, taxi drivers, blacks, whites, serial killers, pakistanis, everybody. We are the system.   

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  1. Sounds great!
    didn't know him...
    Lots of thanks and congratulations for you blogggggggggggggg