Thursday, April 3, 2008

Harold Budd at his unintentional best

Imagine a villa called "La Bella Vista". And in that villa there is a turn-of-the-century beautifully restored Steinway piano. It belongs to producer, musician Daniel Lanois. Now, he happens to meet by chance Harold Budd in L.A. He invites him home to see this piano. Harold Budd arrives and unable to resist, improvises on the piano to a small audience of friends. Daniel Lanois secretly decides to record him. And there you have it. Chords of gracious space float, ambient textures fill the room and warm emotions materialize. Haiku piano for minimalist butterflies. They say sometimes an instrument by it's own excellence of craftsmanship can push a musician to surpass himself. By virtue of its unique sonority, by its feeling, its response, an instrument can create new vistas of inspiration for the musician. It seems that the old Steinway did just that. Listen to Harold Budd's unintentional inspirational album "La Bella Vista". Surely one of his best.

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