Thursday, February 26, 2009

When graffiti comes alive

I first discovered that graffiti was a living thing through the 99 Rooms project. Graffiti moved, breathed and reacted to human intervention in the rooms of abandoned factories with their dusty floors, crumbling walls and rusty machinery.

Then Blu, an Italian artist took this concept a step further and created a kind of living graffiti animation with his short video film called Muto. The graffiti on the walls awake and tell myriad stories among the indifferent passers by who fail to notice anything exceptional. For them, it’s just a static image on the wall which fails to steer the stagnant waters of their everyday routine. If only they could decipher the secret algorhythms of wall painted animation. If only they could see the whole picture. Muto is constant change, constant mutation and could be signaling the beginning of a new age in street art.

See the 99 Rooms

Visit Blu’s site and see Muto

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