Sunday, April 19, 2009

War in Peace from Alexander "Skip" Spence

Julian Cope in his Head Heritage site has posted a review of Alexander Spence's "Oar" album. He actually gives a small description of how he perceives each song from the record. This is what he has to say for "War in Peace", my favorite song from this strange and beautiful testament of the 60s:

" The weightless “War In Peace” is an emanation from eternity’s echo chamber. Spence’s electric lead guitar bursts in midway -- chipped, fragmentary and falling like glittering silt as echoed whispering and whistling crisscross the patch of snapped tight hit-hats and bass lines like posts demarcating an unswerving boundary into the distance. By the time the electric guitar solo arrives, the infamously shattered “Sunshine Of Your Love” riff is already stumbling down a ravine in slow motion hitting branches, bouncing off rocks and causing landslides while atomic particles just collect and disperse in its wake until finally breaking down into a cosmic freefall beyond their once dimensional limitations."

Can you beat that? I think I''ll give it a try... 

A whispering stream of acid consciousness carrying the seeds of ghostly reminiscences of a future embedded in the past transforms itself into a lyrical wail that is pulled by the gravity swirl of a mind drain of dormant fuzz strumming of electric guitar and laborious bass guided by hissing drums that pours itself into a river train of drone. The drone stumbles along slowly mutating into an electric avalanche of blind confinement that reaches the edge of the precipice and dissolves into a broken puzzle of a pure exhilaration assembled guitar solo...  

Take that Julian...

Listen to :

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