Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Gainsbourg demo

The song is called "Comme un Boomerang". I first heard it covered by Etienne Daho and Dani in a live version which was not so bad. And then one day, I came across a demo version that all mighty Serge had briefly put together in a studio. It's clear from the recording that he intended to re-work the song at a later stage. But I think, this version, the original unfinished one, is the best. The guitar sound like a forgotten mantra from the seventies, resonates in a repetitive fashion similar to the song "Give me some truth" by John Lennon. And then the voice of the French chameleon of pop and rock music carries it through to the end. In fact Serge can be heard at the end of the song saying I have to listen to this again. I propose that we do the same...

Listen to

"Comme un Boomerang" by Serge Gainsbourg

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