Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Transient Art On The Walls Of Athens: 1.Graffiti

Theme: Modernist painting

It's a tiny taverna in the backstreets of Exarcheia. It has just two tables. But one of the tables is reserved. A gentleman who always brings his own bottle of wine can be found sitting there. His red wine is strong and it goes quickly to the head. Halfway through the bottle and the gentleman has lost all sense of time. The first doubts creep into his mind and he wonders if everything around him is real. Well, the table looks real and the tablecloth and the chairs...

But then when he looks at his hands they seem a bit flat. In fact his whole body now looks two dimensional. And the colors are a bit blunt and the contour is strange, especially when he feels his head. He tries to talk... the lips open but no sound can be heard. He manages to grab the bottle just before everything freezes. And the table is still there, with the chairs and the tablecloth. Untouched. Waiting for the next customer...


  1. Poies geitonies sergianises gia na ta vreis ola ayta? Fotini

  2. Geia sou Fotini,

    Auti tin periodo eimai knock out alla tha prospathiso na se paro tilefono. Euxaristo gia to minima sou.