Thursday, November 25, 2010

A stunning cover version by the South San Gabriel

South San Gabriel is the name of the group or Centro-matic. You choose. And they have been going for quite a while. Vehicles for the creative output of lead singer Will Johnson and his friends, they have been around since the middle of the 90's. In this latest record of the band called Eyas, they have included a cover version of a Lionel Richie song called "All night long". Come on, you surely know this song... You have danced to it in parties... But you better forget what you know and prepare to be swept away by a cover version that is different. In fact after listening to this song I started wondering if I should stop calling this song a cover and just call it simply an original. For this is creation from the start, sweet music to the ears and food for the soul. Please visit the site and support the band at by buying their album. By the way Eyas is a young hawk taken from a nest in the wild or bred in captivity to be trained for falconry.

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South San Gabriel - All Night Long

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