Wednesday, December 4, 2013

David Uzochukwu: The coming of age of a talented photographer

Some say that ever since photography became digital, it has lost a lot of its magic. When something becomes easy, it starts to slip into the mundane, it becomes repetitive and loses slowly its power as a creative tool. And then, one day, someone comes and rediscovers the hidden potential and the endless possibilities. Someone comes and makes photography difficult again by making it seem effortless. I think it's time I introduced you to David.   

David Ejikeme Uzochukwu is a clever kid.
David Ejikeme Uzochukwu is good at school.
David Ejikeme Uzochukwu reads a lot.
David Ejikeme Uzochukwu shows signs of maturity way beyond his age.
David Ejikeme Uzochukwu has an imagination that knows no bounds. 
David Ejikeme Uzochukwu has a curious spirit.
David Ejikeme Uzochukwu looks for ways to express his sensitivity.
David Ejikeme Uzochukwu starts to observe carefully.
David Ejikeme Uzochukwu discovers photography.
David Ejikeme Uzochukwu understands the rules and wants to break them.
David Ejikeme Uzochukwu begins to experiment.
David Ejikeme Uzochukwu learns the tricks of the trade. 
David Ejikeme Uzochukwu possesses a natural sense of frame and composition.
David Ejikeme Uzochukwu decides to re-invent color.
David Ejikeme Uzochukwu works equally well with black and white.  
David Ejikeme Uzochukwu discovers the power of the portrait.
David Ejikeme Uzochukwu starts to unravel the poetry of the lens.
David Ejikeme Uzochukwu begins to understand texture.
David Ejikeme Uzochukwu is now taking his first steps into Photography.
David Ejikeme Uzochukwu is just 14 years old. 

And the world should now take note of this boy with the strange name. This is only the beginning...

To find the work and follow the progress of David Uzochukwu, please visit one of the following links:

David's site



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