Sunday, June 8, 2014

Bry Webb' s second solo album "Free Will"

Constantines' frontman Bry Webb, has released his second solo album last month. It's called "Free Will". The album was recorded at Toronto's 6 Nassau Recording Studio, with Webb producing alongside Jeff McMurrich (Constantines, Jennifer Castle, Owen Pallett). It finds Webb backed by his band the Providers, which includes Nathan Lawr of Minotaurs on drums, Anna Ruddick of Ladies of the Canyon on bass, Aaron Goldstein of Lee Harvey Osmond on pedal steel, and Rich Burnett on guitar and lap steel. Guests include Jennifer Castle, Will Kidman of Constantines and others.

According to the record company Idée Fixe Records, this is a record about responsibility, love, work, desire, art and above all, will. Webb possesses a beautiful voice and this record contains some fine and subtle song making. In "Fletcher", Bry Webb states "What I need I carry with me" and it's in this sparse and organic way that this record has been recorded. 

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