Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Lament Of The Syrian Refugee

A Syrian refugee has finally arrived on a Greek island after a long and tortuous journey. Spontaneously, he breaks into a lament for the uprooting of the Syrian people and the perilous sea journey away from the fatherland. The improvised verses, drenched in tears and bitter truth, are flowing. It's an emotionally charged moment of sadness for the thousands of refugee lives lost in the waters of the Mediterranean sea. Europe and the world can continue to ignore the plight of the Syrian people but at the high cost of losing our own humanity. This is the lament of the Syrian refugee:  

"Oh sea, give us love
Look what happened to us
Don't send your waves against us
We are Syrians
I swear our story is a sad one
Oh, you won't believe, our tears could even drown you
We cried so much
We welcomed all the people with kindness and love
But when we fell, they betrayed us
Nobody cried for us
Oh today, all the world has abandoned us
Oh sea, stop the waves
There are children in the boats, our memories,
Our lives are in these boats
I swear, our tears could fill all the seas of the world
Our children have lost their innocence in your waves
And these waves have killed our children
Oh sea, let your waves have pity on us
And take care of us like a mother
Oh how dark was our Syrian destiny
Let us have peace, for this is all we want
And now... We will continue our way to find peace. It's all we want."

This original video was uploaded for the first time by journalist Dimitris Alikakos


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